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Private Organisations
Our strength is our widespread network. It enables us to purchase agricultural commodities at highly competitive prices by eliminating middlemen. It also ensures that we can cater to any quantity of purchase required - more the better. Hence, we can serve as a one-stop shop for an organisation’s entire purchase needs.

Being a profit earning organization for the last 50 years, leading banks provide capital at competitive rates by which we arrange for highly economical cash credit limits for our clients. We also get and pass on the 10% cooperative discount from Central & State Warehousing Corporation to our clients. Therefore, financially, it is always a great advantage to organisations who work with us.

Our quality is our reputation. In all our years of working in this field, not a single batch of our purchase has been found quality-deficient.

Most importantly, we have a flexible business model and can match our expertise to your requirement with ease.
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Annexures of PSS 2019-20 Oilseeds/Pulses purchase guidelines

AnnexurPSS 2019-20 purchase guidelines

Rajfed ki Varshik Aam Sabha Ka Ayojan 28/09/2019 ko Hoga


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