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Cattle Feed Factory
Our cattle feed plant was established in 1971 to provide balanced Cattle and other feed to the farmers in the State. The plant has the capacity to produce upto 80 M.T of feed per day. The feed produced is marketed through the cooperative societies in the State as well as private agents.
Types of animal feeds manufactured by our plant includes:
a) Cattle Feed
b) Poultry Feed
c) Sheep and Goat Feed
d) Pig Feed
e) Camel Feed
f) Duck Feed
e) Horse Feed
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Quality of Feed:
a) Feeds are produced as per ISI specifications.
b) The raw materials are used after testing and confirmation as per specifications.
c) Produced feed delivered after its quality confirmation as per IS: standards.
d) In the year 2001 plant obtained ISO 9002: 1994 certificate.
e) In Jan 2004 plant obtained new version certificate of ISO 9001: 2000.
Progress of plant in last five years:
Sr. No. Year Production MT Sale MT

Turn Over In Lacs

Profit In  Lacs

1 2012-2013 9591.000 - 1189.92 20.00
2 2013-2014 11000.000 - 1652.78 25.00
3 2014-2015 12346.000 - 1652.78 122.00


14284.000 - 2086.99 80.00
5 2016-2017 14504.000 - 2435.86 165.20
� Supply of PP Bags (50 Kg) for filling of cattlefeed for 2019-20
� Tender for Labour Contract of cattlefeed factory for 2019-20
� Tender for supply of spare parts, hardware & Bearing for 2019-20
� Tender for sale of Old bardana and plastic bags for 2019-20
� PP Techncial & Finanical Bid documents 2019-20
� Tender documents Dealership form for 2019-20
� Tender documents Registration Form for 2019-20
� Tender Notice 2019-20
� Tender for Labour contract (Financial Bid)
� Tender for Labour contract (Technical Bid)
� Tender for Old Bardana (Financial Bid)
� Tender for Old Bardana ( Technical Bid)
� Tender for PP Bags (Financial Bid)
� Tender for PP Bags (Technical Bid)
� Tender for Spare Parts (Financial Bid)
� Tender for Spare Parts (Technical Bid)
� E Tender Notice
� Form of Registration of Suppliers
� Form for Dealership of Cattle Feed for 2017-18
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Annexures of PSS 2019-20 Oilseeds/Pulses purchase guidelines

AnnexurPSS 2019-20 purchase guidelines

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