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Agriculture Input Distribution
Undistributed stock of DAP/Urea under Buffer Stocking Scheme as on 06.07.2016
Availability of quality agricultural inputs viz. Fertilizers like DAP, Urea, SSP, Gypsum and Seeds at right time and reasonable rates is very important for enhancing agricultural production. RAJFED is contributing towards this by providing quality fertilizers and quality seeds to farmers of Rajasthan through its network of member Cooperative Societies (KVSS) at Tehsil level and Gram Seva Sahkari Samities (GSS) at village level. In addition to the normal supply of fertilizer RAJFED is engaged in advance stocking of Fertilizers since 2007-08 to prevent the shortage of fertilizers in the peak sowing seasons.
The major activities being undertaken by Agriculture Section are as follows:
1. Advance Stocking of Fertilizers : Historically there was always crisis of availability of fertilizers in Rajasthan. To overcome this shortage, RAJFED on the directions of Govt.of Rajasthan started advance stocking of fertilizers in 2007-08 wherein a Tripartite MOU for supply of fertilizer is executed between RAJFED, Deptt.of Agriculture, Govt.of Rajasthan and Fertilizers Manufacturers/Importers. The monthly supply schedule as decided by the Deptt.of Agriculture is finalized according to which the fertilizers are supplied by the fertilizer companies.
The details of advance stocking of fertilizers since the inception of the scheme in 2007-08 are as follows :
S.No Year DAP Urea Complex SSP
1 2007-08 200476 ---- ---- ----
2 2008-09 175000 ---- ---- ----
3 2009-10 260000 ---- ---- ----
4 2010-11 320000 127000 ---- ----
5 2011-12 337000 ---- ---- 100000
6 2012-13 183824 268883 25772 72527
Apart from advance stocking of fertilizers, RAJFED also supplies Urea and SSP to Member Cooperative Societies on cash basis.
2. Seed Supply : In order to make available certified seeds to its member cooperative societies, RAJFED has entered in to agreement with Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation for supply of quality certified seeds in Cooperative Sector. To overcome the shortage of certified Bajra seed RAJFED since last 3 years has been supplying quality certified Bajra seed produced in Andhra Pradesh through AP OILFED /AP MARKFED. In 2012-13 RAJFED has been distributed 66440 qtls of certified seeds to member Cooperative Societies. In order to increase the quantum of seed business we are trying to procure soyabean certified seed from MP State Seeds Corporation and certified seed of Wheat from IFDC which is a subsidiary of IFFCO.
3. Gypsum : Rajasthan occupies a premier position in the country in the production of oilseeds. Gypsum is the cheapest source for calcium and sulphar which are necessary for improving the alkalinity of the soil which is necessary for increase the productivity of oilseeds. RAJFEDf is one of the nodal agencies for distribution of gypsum on subsidized rate for farmers in Rajasthan. In 2012-13 RAJFED supplied 19437 MT of gypsum through its member Cooperative Societies.

The details of agriculture inputs supplied by RAJFED during the last 3 years are as follows:
S.No Year DAP Urea Complex SSP Seed Gypsum
1 2010-11 319931 130325 ---- 62146 13728 16182
2 2011-12 332095 142929 26261 100348 7288 12241
3 2012-13 183824 268883 25772 72527 6644 19437
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Undistributed stock of DAP/Urea under Buffer Stocking Scheme as on 06.07.2016

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